Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Almost Internet Famous

I've had this idea for a while now to paint faces on abandoned televisions that I see around Brunswick. Last week I went out with a bag of paint, my photographer house mate Jean and her canon DSLR. We found a couple of dumped TV's a short way up our street. I painted, Jean photographed, we went home, the end. 

Two days later my friend Nandi sends me this link: In those couple of days a photo of the TV's I'd painted had amassed 260,465 views and a whole bunch of comments. Some of which made it clear that a few people had missed the joke.

Here the responses I would like to give those people: 

Shawnpeps: "Render them useless for anybody who may want to try and use them?"
Me: I used shitty student acrylic paint. It'll probably wash of the next time it rains. Failing that, scratch it off with your fingernails.

Wurm42: "Dude, I got my last two TVs off the street. Why make it harder for scroungers?"
Me: Dude, why do you need two TV's? Don't be greedy. 

Hootietang: "You ruined them for someone less fortunate. Congratulations thoughtful artist, idiot"  
Me: You're welcome, Napoleon. 

Thanks to everyone else who saw the funny side. I'll make more when I find them.

Stay tuned!

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