Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Almost Internet Famous

I've had this idea for a while now to paint faces on abandoned televisions that I see around Brunswick. Last week I went out with a bag of paint, my photographer house mate Jean and her canon DSLR. We found a couple of dumped TV's a short way up our street. I painted, Jean photographed, we went home, the end. 

Two days later my friend Nandi sends me this link: In those couple of days a photo of the TV's I'd painted had amassed 260,465 views and a whole bunch of comments. Some of which made it clear that a few people had missed the joke.

Here the responses I would like to give those people: 

Shawnpeps: "Render them useless for anybody who may want to try and use them?"
Me: I used shitty student acrylic paint. It'll probably wash of the next time it rains. Failing that, scratch it off with your fingernails.

Wurm42: "Dude, I got my last two TVs off the street. Why make it harder for scroungers?"
Me: Dude, why do you need two TV's? Don't be greedy. 

Hootietang: "You ruined them for someone less fortunate. Congratulations thoughtful artist, idiot"  
Me: You're welcome, Napoleon. 

Thanks to everyone else who saw the funny side. I'll make more when I find them.

Stay tuned!

Set Sail 'The Boat Song'

Old news is better than no news at all - right?

Finished work on this cute little music video for Sydney band 'Set Sail' back in early January. This time round I was co-directing with Mike Greaney who is one of the other animators at Oh Yeah Wow. We had a three month deadline from ideation to completion which we somehow met, even though ...the studio flooded three times ...I went back to Queensland over xmas and new years of the band members got deported back to America for not having the correct visa.