Sunday, October 23, 2011

LoopDeLoop - October 'Spooky'

I've finally managed to find time to enter the Loopdeloop animation competition.

I think disabling my Facebook account for a month might have helped with the productivity side of things, but came back to get me when I wanted to annoy all my friends into voting for me.

I just had to make do with some good old fashioned email spamming.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Porter Davis

Animated this little TVC for Victorian home builder, Porter Davis. I never really got into miniature model building as a kid and now I'm even less inclined to do so after animating tiny cows and boats for 6 days straight.

I'm quite happy with how everything turned out in the end, even though a decent chunk of animation had to be cut to keep it under 30 seconds.

Special thanks goes to Tim from Visual Jazz for taking care of all the After Effects work and for buying me fruit, all the other guys at Oh Yeah Wow who put in hours of work building props that were only on screen for a couple of frames and to Darcy for being forced to believe in me because he was in another country.