Thursday, August 11, 2011

All India Radio 'Rippled'

Possibly my favourite animation project to date since starting work at Oh Yeah Wow back in October 2010.

Created for Melbourne based instrumental band All India Radio, the clip for Rippled essentially involved running around abandoned warehouses (and a bread factory) waving coloured LED torches in front of expensive cameras for hours on end while trying to avoid nesting pigeons, chromers, overly enthusiastic night photographers and security guards who really couldn't care less.

The process took just over 6 months to complete.

The only part I didn't enjoy so much was standing knee deep in muddy water at two in the morning trying to animate a giant blue cat.


  1. Whooo!

    Go Sam!

    You Melbourne kids are really showing the rest of Australia how it's done.

    I hope to come visit some time.

  2. PS: Hope you’re still developing your own Stop Mo films on the side.

    The world needs more StopMoSam.