Sunday, May 31, 2009

Needs More Pirate

I've decided Eric the pirate just wasn't 'piratey' enough, so I've gone and re-designed him ...again.

The main things I altered were his body, limbs and eyes. Giving him a solid body really helped to get the 'piratey' aesthetic. Changed his eyes so he didn't look like an Aardman ripoff.

Initially I chose blue as the colour scheme, but eventually changed it back to the original red as it will stand out better on the yellow background. Apparently red and yellow colour schemes make you hungry.

Really happy with how the model turned out. I think he transferred from sketches to fabrication quite nicely. Although, his boots look like terracotta pots.

Armature Building: 1st Attempt

Armature Building: Research

If stop motion was a religion, this would be it's bible.

Possibly the most extensive book on puppet animation to date, this book covers topics from building armatures to job searching tips. It also has comments from leading stop motion animators such as Jeff Newitt (he's so dreamy).

Essentially, it's more delicious than sliced bread.

Eric Gets a Makeover

Now that I've got a story, I need a pirate. I liked the simplicity of original Eric's character design, so instead of a complete rebuild he's just getting a facelift. Namely a beard, some boots and possibly a bandanna.

Blood from a Stone.

It's only taken me 6 months, but I've FINALLY settled on a story for my 3rd year film.

Working Title: 'Treasure'

One Liner: A pirate finds a treasure chest.

Synopsis: A pirate following a treasure map comes across a large red ‘X’ marked on the ground. Excited, he whips out his shovel and starts digging. After a while his shovel hits something solid and he brushes away the sand to reveal an old wooden treasure chest. The pirate lifts the heavy chest out of the hole and breaks off the lock with the end of his shovel, before opening the lid. There is no gold inside, but instead a giant hermit crab. It uncurls itself and crawls away with the empty treasure chest on its back.

The End.